Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey everyone here was my early Birthday/Mothers day gift. Kevin and I had been talking about getting a mini schnauzer for like a year now. I have wanted one for like 9 years but have never gotten one so he suprised me a few hitches ago with Mr. Remington von Hellnick. Remi for short. Isn't he precious? He's such a sweet baby and he is all my dog (thats what I love about him). Sometimes it gets a little annoying him being under my feet constantly but hes just so full of love its wonderful. He is like the next best things to kids the difference is I can crate Remi and leave him....can't do that with the kids :) Anyway Im gone for the day Kevin and I have a date tonight. See you all tomorrow at church.

Here is Bryant and Annaclaire after the egg hunt at Granny Libbys.

I did it I figured out how to add pictures on blogger! Whoo hoo. I can now say that I have had a productive day. LOL. Anyway here is Kevin and Sister on Easter sunday after the egg hunt at Granny Libbys.
Ok Im going to do one more post and then Im going to leave yall with it for the day. But, I have put all three of my babies on this one and I have to put a pic up with my newest baby on it! See most of you tomorrow at church.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ball Season

Hello to all,

Man, I haven't blogged in a while and I have missed all of you guys so much! Life has been a whirlwind for about the past month or so. Its been crazy. So, Im going to catch you up on a few things:

Bryant, started baseball season its been run home get ready, run to practice, run home, do homework, cook supper, get bathed, and get into bed! LOL. (now do you understand why I haven't had time to blog). And then somedays I couldnt get to him to get him to practice so for all of you out there that helped run him around for me thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really do appreciate it! You know this single mom thing was not easy, I met Kevin and it got better but heck for two weeks every two weeks Im complete single mom again! Anyway, I love my life and wouldnt change it for anything. Back to Bryant, He had his first spring break which he totally loved and enjoyed. He spent the better part of the week with my mom and he spent one day with his PawPaw which was good for the both of them. He spent so much time outside im jealous of his tan. He's studying for Dibbles coming up next month and looking forward to summer break. Although, he doesnt want to leave his friends and teacher. Its really sweet.

Annaclaire has been doing really good. She has started coming to my office to see my doctor, a chiropractor, and has gone her first pollen season since she was born with no breathing treatments! I am so excited. I dont care what anyone says chiropractic care is amazing! She has a pageant coming up next month and she is going today to get her hair cut, something I dont just trust anyone with. As best as I can remember she has had one cut her whole life and that was when my mom trimmed it so Im a little nervous about this. Im so afraid they are going to chop her hair off.

Kevin has been a busy bee when he has been home. Last time out he worked over so he was only home a week last hitch. He got garage doors up on the house, helped his cousin build a porch, and figured out everything for the shop he is going to start building this time home. Then it was off to the oil rig again for him. He will be home this Thursday night but Im afraid with this shop building project he will be just as busy as he was last time home.

Ive just been running around trying to keep up with everyone! LOL. Anyway, Theres a quick little update on everyone. Sorry, no pics Will get some posted though quickly.
Oh one more quick little not and when I figure out pics I will do a post about it a week ago the kids, and some friends and I went to Disney on Ice. I recommend it to everyone. It was absolutely amazing. Ok thats another post another day.

God bless each and every one of you

Love yall

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Help Abused Children

Hey everyone,

I have teamed up with the child advocacy center located in Dothan. They service 7 counties in southeast Alabama, including Covington County. April is child abuse awareness month. I know not a single one of us wants to hear about child abuse but lets face the facts folks it does exist, and these little angels need our help. I am taking T-shirt orders for Blue Ribbon Friday for kids. They are only $10.00. All proceeds go to the Child advocacy center. It is a kid friendly center that uses play to interview children and give them the therapy they deserve. They service children who have been sexually abused and/or severly physically abused. They really need our help. Please get up with me to order your T-Shirt. Orders and money are due by April 8, I will then go to Dothan and pick up the shirts and have them ready for pick-up the next week, so we can all wear our Blue Ribbon T-Shirts on Friday April 24, 2009. Lets show everyone how much Covington county cares about these children.

a few statistics:

last year the child advocacy center serviced a total of 1114 kids. I know what your thinking that is 1114 too many, and boy do I agree. We can't stop abuse but we can do our part to help these children who are unfortunate enough to have to deal with this. Together we can give them the help, love, and care they deserve.

Just let me know you can email me at, or you can call my office 1-800-372-1391, or you can call my cell 334-804-1967. Spread the word too, get the people in your office to give you orders or your friends, family, and neighbors.

Thank you for helping me help a great cause!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

broken cell phone

Hey everyone,

LOL my cell phone finally broke...its been coming. Anyway, I let it get so bad that they could not retrieve my numbers off it. So, to make a long story short I have lost everyone's numbers. Please email me your numbers. My email address is Thank you soo much. See you all later


Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 4-year old is turning in to a mess

Hey everyone

I need help!!! Please, I am recently having the hardest time with Annaclaire. All of a sudden she has gone from me sweet, precious, innocent, well-behaving, well-mannered baby to a sweet, sometimes precious, not so much innocent anymore, not so well behaved, talking back, sassying me and my word we must have sent our manners to the moon! I dont know what to do with her. For example: we talk with food in our mouth now, and yes ma'am and sir and please and thank you are just all together gone most of the time, if I ask her to do something in goes in one ear and out the other, if Im talking to her sometimes it looks like shes looking right through me, and when i ask her to do something like get dressed she has 15 things to tell me all of a sudden and she finds 10 things to do before she actually gets dressed. Its driving me insane! I am all about lettting a child be who a child wants to be and I know she has a little OCD and that is fine with me but its driving me nuts that shes not listening to me and not using her manners anymore its like shes a completely different child in the past 2 months! Any suggestions on how to combat this i will be more than open to them. I never went through terrible twos with her so I guess were making up for it and its called ferocious fours! LOL. Anywho anyone who has been through this I will love to hear how you did it. Thank you so much.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I know two blogs in the same! Guess what I just learned? I just found that some of you have left comments on my blog! LOL. See you can teach an old dog new if i can just figure out how to find out when you all post new blogs and if I can figure out how to comment on them! Whoo! Hoo! I feel accomplished. LOL. Have a great day everyone.